Safety Equipment

Routine Maintenance

Perform inspection and maintenance on the safety equipment. All defect equipment need to be repaired or replaced and during the maintenance should be reported immediately to Customer.

A. Preventive Maintenance Safety Equipment

Portable Fire Extinguisher, Fire blanket, Life ring, Life raft, Hose reel , Fire Monitor, Deluge and Sprinkler, SCBA, Oxygen Medic, Eye Wash, Life jacket, Inflatable Life Jacket, Work vest, Foam, Foam Tank , Portable Gas Detector, Smoke Hood, Grab bag, others.

B. Preventive Maintenance Fire Suppression System

We review design of the existing fire suppression system in facilities and make sure the design comply with applicable National and International Standard, otherwise the recommendation shall be made to meet applicable National and International Standard requirement. Recommendation shall be presented to Customer and subject to Customer approval before implementation. The implementation of recommendations include scope of work.

C02 System, Nitrogen, lnergen, and CO2 Snuffing, FM 200, AF11e, others.

C. Preventive Maintenance Life Boat

Ensure all Lifeboat as per National and International standard, Response Procedure. We repare failure analysis include root cause if found material defect based on Client’s request. And prepare minimum and maximum material stock.

Create monitoring system for all lifeboat at station, ensure lifeboat have valid certification, communicate, reporting make repair plan include recommendation to Client and presentation

Inspection not only to the equipment but also to the support of lifeboat.

Material & Spare Parts

We provide any spare parts or material to comply your safety such as :

  • Life Raft

  • Life Boat

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Fire blanket

  • Life ring

  • Fire Protection System (Fire Hose Reel ,Fire Monitor, Deluge and Sprinkler)


  • Oxygen Medic

  • Eye Wash

  • Life Jacket

  • Work vest

  • Foam

  • Foam Tank

  • Portable Gas Detector & Calibration

  • Smoke Hood

  • Grab bag

  • others.

Inventory Database

A. System Development

  • Set up and develop a simple inventory database system safety equipment. The system have the capability to identify and produce report, include but not limited, type of equipment, amount, location, maintenance record, certification record and latest status.

  • Provide hand mark up of latest safety equipment layout in yearly basis.

  • Provide any system guidance to operate system.

  • Prior establishment of the system, due to obtain approval for the system.

  • The system will be property of Customer.

B. Update

  • Maintain, update & report the inventory data of safety equipment on weekly and monthly basis.

Material & Spare Parts

We provide Competent, Experienced, and Dedicated Project Management Support Team to manage all activities that specified in the Scope of Work of Safety Equipment and subsections including to develop strategy, engineering, planning, scheduling, report, spare parts management, project support, failure analysis, cost control and innovation. In general the management support team is established to act as coordinator of all process and activities that requires to the performance of the Work in safe, reliable, engineering compliance, best technical practice and efficient manner.

The Project Management Support consist of:

a. Project Management

b. Team Leading Service / Field Coordination / Technical Specialist

c. Planning / Administration / Cost Controlling

d. HSE Engineering

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