Life Raft

There are still many ship accident cause by human error and weather condition will be increase the casualties,especially crew and passengers as well because incorrectly function of safety equipment to minimizing casualties,this due to performing service and maintenance are not accordance with regulation.

Compliance with SOLAS chapter III and IMO Res. A 761 (18) in performing of service and maintenance liferaft,service station must have authorization from manufacturer of liferaft and should follow procedures by manufacture in order that liferaft will be function maximally when ship had an accident or sink.

Segara Permai always follow rules defined by SOLAS and IMO Res. A 761 (18) with consistently sending our technicians to trainings conducted by liferaft manufacturer such as :

Therefore we can guarantee capability of our technicians for service,inspection and test liferaft accordance with manufacturer procedure and SOLAS/IMO regulation

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