Life Boat

Lifeboat is one of most important safety equipment to abandon from platform or ship and have role to minimizing casualties when had an accident,therefore lifeboat maintenance should be done regulary accordance with manufacturer procedure by certified engineer in order that can be used in emergency case

on several cases on ship accident,lifeboat can not be used cause annual & five yearly inspections are not done correctly and there many ship crew not familiar how to operate lifeboat will be increase the casualties rise

Segara Permai is pioneered in business inspection,maintenance,repair and contruction of lifeboat in Indonesia in which we had authorized from some lifeboat manufacturer and certainly with our fully trained and certified engineer,we have capability to perform annual inspection,5 yearly inspection and test,overhaul and construction of lifeboat,fast rescue boat,davit system and winch system as per SOLAS & IMO MSC 81 & 1206 regulation

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